Personalised Laser Inscriptions on Diamonds

Laser inscription on diamond
Engraving inside an engagement ring is nothing new, it’s likely we all have seen something written inside the band of a precious ring. Many of our clients have inherited jewellery inscribed with last century’s wedding dates or the names of loved ones lost, but few have heard of personalised inscriptions on diamonds. Laser inscribing diamonds is not a new concept but recent advances in technology have made it more accessible and more affordable than ever before.

At Larsen Jewellery, we have always taken great pride in being able to source the perfect diamond for each individual client. We have access to a large range of the highest quality diamonds and, now, we can have a message of your choice laser inscribed on the diamond you have selected. You will receive a certificate which includes a close-up photograph of the inscription itself.

You can be funny, quirky or completely lovely. The message is discreet and will be there for eternity even if the diamond is eventually set into another ring by future generations.

Here are 5 good reasons to consider adding a personalised laser inscription to your diamond.

  1. Have you decided to pop the question but are looking for novel ideas to make it more original? Very few people have even heard of putting personal messages on a diamond, it sounds very cutting edge and is sure to get people talking!
  2. Most GIA certified diamonds are laser inscribed with their report number, however, some are not. Adding a laser inscription means your diamond can always be identified. We have heard stories of rings being lost or stolen then located on the other side of the country thanks to an individual laser inscription.
  3. Sometimes, people find the task of designing a ring for their future spouse too much to take on. Maybe she is very particular or has a passion for design herself and you want to share the experience of choosing the ring she will wear forever. A popular approach in this situation is to propose with an unset diamond. If you have decided to propose with the diamond only, a customised inscription can give this option a very personal touch.
  4. Perhaps your significant other works with a microscope or has a passion for photography and owns a DSLR camera with a macro function. With either of these tools, the tiny inscription can be easily read. If not, you might consider gifting her a handheld microscope, these are readily available and some even clip on to the camera of a smartphone.
  5. Lastly, it’s private. Unless you give someone the tools, they won’t be able to see it which means not only can the message be very personal but it also won’t affect the beauty of the diamond or the aesthetics of the ring design.

So, how is it done? Your chosen text is entered into the laser engraving machine and a technician places the diamond in a customised clamp. They then view the area to be inscribed through a microscope and engrave your message with a super-fine laser beam. There is no risk to the diamond itself and the process is very fast. Often this adds no extra time to the turn-around of a custom piece of jewellery. Click here if you would like to enquire about this service.

What do you think about laser inscribing a personal message on a diamond? Share your thoughts in the comments box below!
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