June 7, 2011 / Coloured Gemstones

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Topaz is a beautiful gemstone and is usually found in shades of light yellow and brown. These shades are naturally occurring and are often sold under the name Golden Topaz.

These precious gems are a much more affordable alternative to coloured diamonds and are often used in fine jewellery.

One of the most common colours related to topaz is light blue, which is created through heat treatment. Most topaz, like the majority of coloured gemstones, are heat treated for colour enhancement. While these stones are less expensive than natural colours, they offer an excellent option for fine jewellery and can be quite affordable.

The most valuable variety of Topaz is Imperial Topaz, which shows tones of orange and red. Unfortunately, in some international markets Citrine is sold as Imperial Topaz as the stones are similar in colour. This practice is illegal and misleading.

Topaz is not an abundant mineral although it is found in numerous countries such as the USA, Sri Lanka, Russia and Mexico.

To care for Topaz stones, try to avoid knocking them as they are not resistant to physical trauma.

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