What is your wedding ring profile?

When choosing your wedding ring the main decisions are probably already made, which metal you want and whether you will include diamonds into your design. The decisions do not end there though. Along with deciding the obvious details such as the overall size to the finer details such as engraving, filigree or mill grain details, you also need to decide on the profile of your ring. This will dramatically change the look of your ring.

The profile refers to the shape of the outside surface of your ring.

Let’s have a look at some of the most common wedding ring profiles.

The Classic Half Round:


The most popular choice, particularly with guys wedding rings is the half round profile. This creates a lovely rounded domed look without any corners to catch on things and push in to your other fingers.  Many people say this is the most comfortable wedding ring shape.

The Flat Profile:


To some this is considered the more masculine look. The flat profile is exactly how it sounds, flat sides with a flat top surface. Often ladies wedding rings with channel set princess or baguette diamonds will have a flat profile to complement the sleek look of this style of setting.

The High Dome / Round Profile:


This profile, with a high dome, creates the look of an almost perfect circular profile. This style can look really effective on wider style rings.

The Knife Edge:


The knife edge is perfect for those that like geometric designs. The sides of the ring are filed on an angle meeting at the centre creating a ridge running right the way around the ring.  This is a great choice if you want a very fine looking wedding ring that still has enough strength to be worn every day.

Bevelled Edges:

Bevelled rings look modern and fashionable. The top corners of the ring are filed off at an angle to create three distinct outside surfaces of the ring. Mirrors and glass table tops are often finished like this to make the edges less susceptible to damage.

Grooved Wedding Rings:

This is when lines are cut and filed in to the surface of the ring dividing the ring in to sections. One of the most popular designs for men’s rings has two grooves which give the illusion of separating one ring to look like three rings stacked next to each other.  Most commonly, a wide centre ring with two narrow bands on either side.

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