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How Many Carats Should an Engagement Ring Have?

Round cut engagement ring

Is there such a rule when it comes to how many carats an engagement ring should have? There certainly are ideas of...

What is the average carat for an engagement ring?


“What is the average carat for an engagement ring”, along with “how much to spend on an engagement ring?” are the two...

Solitaire Engagement Rings – Not the Dull Choice

Engagement ring with a unique ring band

Sometimes one is enough. And when it comes to engagement rings… For many, one diamond, is enough. Perhaps it’s the classic beauty...

Common Ideas for Engagement Rings

Solitaire engagement ring

Have you caught yourself browsing online at engagement rings or flicking through magazines, day dreaming over celebrities big rocks on their one...

The Classics – Engagement Ring Styles to Stand the Test of Time

Round cut engagement ring

What is it about the classic’s? No matter how many new trends come and go, there are some styles that just seem...

5 of Our Favourite Settings

Rosetta Brilliant IV White Gold Engagement Ring

Engagement rings may look similar to the untrained eye, but once you start looking at engagement rings closely you will soon notice...

Ethical Engagement Rings

Rose gold engagement ring

As consumers, the wider community is increasingly making more educated and conscious choices about how much we spend, what we are getting...

The Dangers of Buying Diamonds Online


Quite often we have people calling up comparing prices of diamonds, to diamonds they have seen on the internet. It is true...

Luxury Engagement Rings


Every girl deserves a fabulous engagement ring. And there is no other item, where you can safely justify splurging on a fantastic...

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