Coloured Gemstone Engagement Rings

by Lars Larsen
November 2, 2014 / Coloured Gemstones,Jewellery Buying Guide

Demand for engagement rings with beautiful coloured gemstones is ever increasing. Just take a look at the fashion runways and the hands of Hollywood to see that coloured gemstone jewellery is enjoying a rise in popularity.
With so many colours to choose from you can have an eye-popping coloured gemstone engagement ring or, if bold colour is not for you, opt for a subtle hint of colour. The latter can be achieved with either a soft coloured central stone or small coloured gemstones to accentuate your white diamond.
Coloured gemstone engagement rings are the adventurous choice; often fashion forward and certainly unique in style. No two coloured gemstones will ever appear the same – your ring is guaranteed to demand attention and be individual in style.  
So what coloured gemstones might you consider for your engagement ring? We have put together a list of popular colours and their matching gemstones!
Pretty in Pink
Pink; the ultimate feminie colour is the perfect choice for those that love anything pretty and vibrant. From bright, hot pinks to soft, pastel pinks your choices are endless. If money is no issue you might be one of the lucky few that can afford one of the extremely rare and valuable Pink Diamonds. This is not the only option for those that are lovers of Pink. Sapphires come in an exquisite range of shades of pink and are perfectly suited to engagement rings. For those that love soft tones you may consider Morganite, a beautiful stone found in shades of salmon, peach and rose pinks. Tourmaline and Topaz also come in shades of pink but are not an ideal choice for engagement rings due to their brittle nature.
Red; the Colour of Love
My mother used to say that a girl should not wear red until she is a woman. Perhaps an engagement ring with a splash of red, the colour of love and passion, is a wonderfully appropriate choice! Ruby is the first gemstone that will comes to mind when thinking of red gemstones. It is advised to choose with care when it is intended for an engagement ring as Rubies can be prone to inclusions. Other red gemstones include the Tourmaline.
Serene Blue
Blue, arguably the most popular coloured gemstone for engagement rings, is calming and versatile. Blue diamonds are rare and consequently pricey, many would only dream of owning a large blue diamond. Blue Sapphires, in particular Ceylon Sapphires, are a popular choice, especially following the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton when Kate received Princess Diana’s famous Sapphire engagement rings. Sapphires come in all shades of blue, from light, soft blues to the vibrant Ceylon and dark, midnight blue Australian Sapphires. Other beautiful blue gemstones include Topaz, Tourmaline, Aquamarine and Tanzanite.
Green with Envy
Choosing a green gemstone will mean your engagement ring can only be the envy of others! Also refreshing and vibrant in nature; a green coloured gemstone will be sure to stand out. Emeralds are the most popular and famous choice. It is important to be careful when you’re making your choice. Emeralds can be heavily included and can, therefore, be quite brittle. A high quality Emerald is the ideal choice for an engagement ring. Other stunning green gemstones are Tourmaline, Green Sapphire and Peridot might be an option as well. Peridots are not as durable as other gemstones so it is a good idea to seek expert advice before finalising your decision.
Sunshine Yellow
Yellow, the vibrant and bright choice, has recently become very popular. Yellow diamonds are one of the more affordable coloured diamond options compared to the Pink and Blue varieties. Also suitable are the radiant Yellow Sapphires. Yellow Sapphires, like Yellow diamonds, are available in a range of shades from soft, canary yellows to bright, sunflower yellows. Other beautiful yellow gemstones are Citrine and Tourmaline.
Vibrant Orange
Orange is perhaps the one coloured gemstone that is most overlooked. Orange gemstones look stunning against darker skin tones. Orange Sapphires are the ideal choice for engagement rings; coming in shades of apricots to bright persimmon. Other orange gemstones are the Citrine and Tourmaline.
The Darker Shades
If bright, eye popping colour is not your thing but you are after an alternative to white diamonds you may want to consider the sophisticated Black or earthy Cognac and Champagne diamonds. These are the most affordable of the fancy coloured diamond varieties and create a wonderful, dramatic look; often a unique choice for a vintage style ring. 

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