Peridot Gemstones and Jewellery

June 30, 2011 / Coloured Gemstones, Engagement Rings

Peridot is a precious lime green coloured gemstone. The most abundant source of this gemstone is Peridot Mesa, on the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona. Other sources of Peridot can be found in Myanmar (Burma), Pakistan and China. One of the earliest documented Peridot deposits was discovered in ancient times, in Zebirget, Egypt. Peridot was also used in history to adorn medieval churches.

It is a form of the olivine mineral and forms under extreme heat and pressure, such as in volcanic rock during eruptions and more rarely in fallen meteors. Its colour scheme ranges from a yellow-green colour, to dark grass-green. Brown tinted variations are found, but are not as desirable.

Peridot gemstones smaller than three carats are affordable and easily sourced. Stones larger than this become significantly higher in value. Stones above ten carats are rare to find and are expensive, although they are reasonably affordable in comparison to most other gemstones of large carat size.

Peridot is vulnerable to temperature change and therefore should only be cleaned using dishwashing liquid and warm water.

The vivid green hues of Peridot gemstones are great for statement pieces such as dress rings and earrings. For those who have birthdays in August, Peridot may be a particularly good choice, as it’s the birthstone of August.

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