Can You Get a Ring Engraved? All Your Questions Answered

Engraving a ring is a lovely way to personalise jewellery. Whether you choose to engrave a date, a phrase, your names or a pattern, it will take your piece to another level. Here at Larsen Jewellery, we offer a comprehensive engraving service to fill all your engraving needs.

There are two main engraving styles, hand engraving which is done with a polished blade called a graver, and machine engraving. Machine engraving should technically be called machine-assisted engraving. A skilled craftsman still needs to operate the machine. If you’re wondering “Can I engrave a ring myself?” the simple answer is no. We really wouldn’t recommend this as a DIY project.

Here’s a video of one of our expert engravers using the machine-assisted technique to etch a date inside a rose gold wedding ring.

There are two main locations for engraving on a ring, the inside surface and the outside surface. So let’s break down the options and help make your choices a little clearer.

10 Things You Can Engrave Inside a Ring

  • Your partner’s, yours or both of your initials
  • The Bride or Groom’s name
  • Your wedding date
  • A secret romantic message of your eternal love
  • A religious verse, a spiritual sentiment or literature quote
  • Your partner’s fingerprint
  • A humorous joke or quote
  • The simple and traditional “I love you”
  • A message of love in another language
  • A pledge of your commitment

A ring with a date engraved, initials or your two first names are easily the most popular choices. Most rings accommodate up to 30 characters of engraving on the interior. Of course, all the above could also be engraved on the outside of the ring. Often the inside is preferred as it is more hidden and also, less exposed to wear and tear.

So, what should you engrave on the outside of a ring? Popular choices include:

  • Vintage style patterns such as scrolls or floral motifs
  • Your partner’s fingerprint
  • Roman numerals, perhaps translating the date of your wedding
  • Ogham or Celtic engraving
  • Even Lord of The Rings engraving is quite a popular choice!

What Are the Engraving Types?

When we engrave something on the outside of the ring, it is usually hand engraved. Hand engraved rings evoke nostalgia from a time once past. It is an ancient technique, often passed down from generation to generation. The tradition of hand engraving rings is still very much alive and popular today. This addition to an engagement or wedding ring creates a unique and personal touch.

Hand engraving jewellery has been around for centuries. It is a technique where metal is carved and removed from the surface using a highly polished steel blade called a graver. Today, there are still a few true artisans who specialise in this craft. Often, people try to get the same look with laser or computer-aided design without much success. Although similar results can be achieved, there is nothing quite like a piece that has been engraved by hand.

If you have your heart set on a vintage-inspired engagement ring, hand engraving into your design is a wonderful way to achieve this. Vintage engagement rings often feature hand engraved designs including scrolls with floral motifs. It takes an experienced hand engraver with years of practice to be able to create or replicate vintage patterns. Art Deco engraving patterns can be some of the most difficult to master but our talented master engravers make this feat of geometry look easy.

Adding engraving to your engagement ring allows you to merge your personal style with a vintage flair. To create a vintage-style ring, you may wish to incorporate other elements that are popular in vintage designs. These can be details such as mill grain or filigree patterns. Even certain shaped diamonds such as an Asscher, emerald or rose cut can give your design unmistakable old-world charm.

Examples of Hand Engraving

We love designs that incorporate hand-engraved patterns. They bring softness and detail to a design that reflects the skill of the engraver. Here are some of our favourites, click the images for details, including prices:

Baroque Platinum Engagement Ring

Bluebell Engraved White Gold Engagement RingEmpress White Gold Engagement Ring

Another style I mentioned earlier is Ogham engraving. Ogham Wedding Rings are a beautiful, personal wedding rings that hold a secret message using this ancient form of writing.

What Is Ogham Engraving?

Ogham is an ancient Irish alphabet dating back as far as the 5th century. It is thought that the term Ogham is derived from the God of Eloquence ‘Ogma’. Ancient Ogham texts were written on stones and often contained secret rituals and prayers. Today in Ireland there are still hundreds of stones that can be found from this period.

The alphabet consists of twenty characters made up of groups of lines, each group consisting of one to five strokes. The text normally reads from bottom to top or right to left.

In modern Irish jewellery, Ogham text has commonly found its place in wedding ring jewellery. It is a symbolic way of creating a wedding ring that has sentimental and historical significance.

At Larsen Jewellery our talented jewellers custom make rings in our Sydney and Melbourne workshops. One of our classic designs that can be viewed on our website “Ogham” is an example of just one style of Ogham wedding rings that we can create for you. If you have your own secret message that you would like included in your wedding ring please enquire with us today!

Ogham Platinum Wedding Ring

You might be reading this and wondering do you need to get your wedding rings engraved? Well, of course, you don’t. Getting to choose exactly what you want to include is one of the best things about having your engagement ring and wedding rings custom made. Around 70% of couples choose to get their wedding rings engraved.

Here Are 3 Reasons Why We Think You Should Engrave Your Wedding Rings

1. It’s romantic! Call us old fashioned but we love it when you engrave a simple message of love inside a ring.

2. It’s a great way to help remember your wedding date.

3. It makes them identifiable. We have seen several misplaced wedding rings reunited with their owners simply because of the engraving inside.

So, how much does it cost to have a ring engraved? And how long does engraving rings take?

These two questions actually help answer each other. The lower-priced options are quicker, and so, the high-end engraving will take a little longer. Engraving something such as a date or initials inside a ring starts at around $100, and takes about a week. Engraving intricate patterns around the outside of a ring cost upwards of $400 depending on how far around the ring the pattern continues, and can take six week or more to complete.

What Types of Rings Can You Engrave?

Many people incorrectly assume you can’t engrave some ring types but many can be without any issue! Diamond rings with diamonds set all the way around the outside, also called infinity rings, can actually be engraved. This is possible if we don’t drill the holes behind the diamonds all the way through. Platinum engagement rings and wedding rings can be engraved. Perhaps surprisingly, considering their toughness, titanium and zirconium rings can be engraved too.

Can You Engrave a Diamond?

Actually, yes! It’s a different technique to anything I have described above, it’s called laser inscribing. After you have selected your Larsen Jewellery diamond, you have the opportunity to add a personalised inscription. Click here to read more about this process and your options.

Finally, it’s not just for engagement rings or wedding ring. Consider having a family crest or monogram on a signet ring or cufflinks. Hand engraved signet rings are popular 21st presents for men and cufflinks make a great gift for your groomsmen.

Hand engraved cufflinks

At Larsen Jewellery, you can have your exquisite wedding or engagement rings engraved in any engraving styles through either our Sydney or Melbourne studios. Simply contact us here and let us explore your ideas.

How long does ring engraving last?

Inside engravings will last a long time because there’s typically minimal wear and tear. Engravings on the outside of the ring will dull over time, depending on how much wear and tear they get and the metal type.

Can I get a ring engraved later?

Yes, you can absolutely get a ring engraved later. If the ring can be engraved, it’s not something that needs to be done when the ring is being made. In fact, we know some couples who have gotten their rings engraved later for important milestones like their golden anniversary.

How to Engrave a Date in Your Wedding Ring

There are a few different formatting options you can choose between when engraving a date, take a look at the visuals below and see which style appeals to you.

10th April 2023




April 10th ♡ 2023

Romantic Ideas for Engraving Inside Rings

Forever Yours

Now & Always

with love from [insert name here]

I do…

All my love

Eternally Yours

Funny Ideas for Engraving Inside Rings

If found, please call [insert phone number]

Put it back on

Mr Right / Mrs Always Right

To infinity and beyond

Finders Keepers


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    Good afternoon, I’m looking at getting some details engraved into my wedding ring.. what I would like is:

    Kristine ❤️ 210614

    I know you need to look at the ring etc, but would like a rough idea. I’m happy to follow up and send pics of my wedding ring

  2. Rebecca McCusker says:

    Hi – do you offer engraving as a service? i have a platnium wedding band that i would like to get engraved.
    How long would it take?

    • Kate Reid says:

      Hi Rebecca,
      Thanks for your question! Yes, we offer engraving on all rings we are making, or have made. If you had your platinum wedding band made elsewhere, it is best to return to the original jeweller. I have sent you an email with further information.

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