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by Kate Reid
January 29, 2019 / Wedding Rings

What is a Russian wedding ring?

Russian wedding rings are constructed from 3 interlocked bands traditionally worn on the right hand. Typically three rings of different coloured golds (yellow, rose and white) are intertwined together to create one ring. However, today in its modern form it is quite common for the ring to be made out of only one type of metal and also may include diamonds or engraving.

Historically Russian women didn’t receive an engagement ring, they would wear only a wedding ring.  Today, however, western culture has influenced modern Russian women and the custom of receiving an engagement ring is becoming a much more common tradition. Like Russian women adopting other traditions, western women have borrowed this style of wedding ring and applied a more modern twist. Intertwining three rings allows endless options for unique designs; from adding small diamonds or coloured gemstones to combining filigree or engraving.

Why are Russian wedding bands popular?

Russian wedding rings feel lovely to wear. When the three bands are aligned correctly, it rolls over the knuckle and sits beautifully on the finger. They are inherently difficult to size correctly but when done right, a Russian wedding band can be an excellent option for someone with larger knuckles. The rolling action allows you to take the ring on and off without discomfort and, because the rings sit separately, they spread slightly to hug the base of the finger without looking awkwardly loose.

What does the Russian wedding ring mean, and why does it have three bands?

Traditionally the three bands of the Russian wedding ring signify the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, coming together to form the Holy Trinity.

The three intertwined rings originate in 19th Century Russia. However, the ring has become popular outside its Russian context, and this has led to other meanings being attached to the rings. Some of these ideas include the Past, Present and Future of a relationship, and Body, Mind and Spirit. Your Russian wedding rings can hold their traditional meaning, or take on a set of values that are significant to you.

Can you have a diamond Russian wedding ring?

Whilst you can have diamonds and coloured gemstones set in a Russian wedding ring, it is not something that we would recommend at Larsen Jewellery. Intrinsic to the design is that the individual bands roll over each other as they are put on the finger. When stones are set in the rings, the settings catch and scratch on the other bands as the ring is being worn. This can result in damage to the stones as well. Thus having diamonds set in your Russian wedding ring is likely to affect the longevity of the ring and stones, and so is not advised.

What to consider when choosing a Russian wedding ring?

When choosing a Russian Wedding Ring there are several things to consider. The ring can be made in the Trinity of three precious metal colours: yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. Another design would be to make all three bands out of one precious metal type, for instance, all yellow gold.

The sizing of Russian wedding rings can be a little difficult, so it is important to go over the sizing in detail with our lovely designers. The three rings roll into different arrangements on the finger, so this can change the feeling of the size when it is being worn.

It is difficult to resize a Russian wedding band due to the complexity of the intertwining rings. If you are looking for a ring that is more suitable to be resized, we have a wide range of two-tone and other wedding ring designs here:

Why do Russians wear wedding rings on their right hand?

The tradition of wearing a Wedding ring on the right hand is common throughout Russia, Greece and many Eastern European countries.

The ancient Egyptians wore wedding rings on the fourth finger of their left hand. They believed that a vein that had the powers of love and fidelity ran from that finger to the heart. The ancient Romans adopted this tradition but instead wore the wedding ring on the fourth finger of the right hand. They had a superstition that the left hand was untrustworthy and sinister, and so considered it foreboding to wear the wedding ring on that finger. This custom of wearing a wedding ring on the right hand was then passed on to modern-day Russians through the Roman Orthodox Christian Church.

Is it true that a vein runs from the ring finger to the heart?

The ancient Egyptians believed that there was a vein that ran from the fourth finger of the left hand directly to the heart. They believed that this vein had the powers of love and fidelity, and so chose to wear the wedding ring on that finger. The ancient Greeks and Romans adopted this tradition, and the Romans created the term Vena Amoris(the Vein of Love) to describe the vein. Whilst we now know that there is not a vein running directly from this finger to the heart, many people continue this custom today.

Do all countries wear wedding rings on the left hand?

Depending on where you are in the world, the hand you wear your wedding ring on will vary.

It is more common to wear a wedding ring on the left hand. Some of the countries preferring this practice include:

  • The UK
  • Japan
  • U.S.A.
  • Slovakia
  • Romania
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Ireland
  • Switzerland
  • Turkey

In many countries, it is customary to wear the wedding ring on the right hand, including:

  • Russia
  • Greece
  • Serbia
  • Latvia
  • Ukraine
  • Colombia
  • Peru
  • Venezuela
  • Norway
  • Denmark

What did different cultures and civilisations make their wedding rings out of?

The exchange of rings is a central custom of marriage in many cultures. The circular shape of the ring is functional, so as to fit on the finger. However, this form also symbolises eternity. Ouroboros is an Ancient Egyptian concept of eternity, symbolised by a snake eating its tail. This symbol also suggests the shape of a ring, and has permeated jewellery design throughout history! This circular representation of eternity is also common in many Eastern beliefs.

The first wedding rings we know of are in Ancient Egypt and were made out of reeds, so weren’t able to have the longevity of the rings we know today.

The wedding rings were made out of iron in Ancient Rome, and the more noble figures of Roman society wore a gold ring. The ancient Romans are the first civilisation that we know of who engraved their wedding rings.

At Larsen Jewellery, our talented team of jewellers love to design unique pieces!  We have made many variations of Russian wedding rings over the years. They are available in 9ct or 18ct yellow, white and rose golds, platinum and you can even have one of the bands in zirconium or titanium if you wish. They look absolutely stunning when they are hand engraved, our master engraver can engrave a wide variety of patterns and textures around the outside. Please feel free to call or email us to organise an obligation free design appointment.  Click here to read more about our custom made wedding ring designs.


  1. Stephen Forsyth says:

    I am looking to get a ring made in the Russian Wedding Ring style. Is it possible to get a quote by email? I am size T and looking for 3mm thickness. Can you quote for both 9ct and 18ct please?

  2. Naledi says:

    Good day, may I kindly get a quote on tricolour Russian band. On smooth rounded edges please. 2mm in size 4,5

  3. Michelle says:

    I am looking to replace a lost tri colour wedding ring for my husband who is a size V and a half. I think that 2mm is right, but would appreciate any advice.

  4. T Maher says:

    Do you have a store in NSW

  5. Kiki says:

    Hi there, can you please email me a quote for a size V 2.5mm width in 9 and 18ct

  6. James Barker says:

    Hi – please can I can a price for:
    Russian wedding ring in 9 carat white, yellow and rose golds.
    Size 6,

  7. Karin says:

    Hi. Am looking for the tri colour interlocking Russian wedded. Could you please let me know a price.

  8. Mark says:

    Hi. I’m after a Russian wedding band 9ct yellow rose and white gold with some engraving. Can you please provide a quote. Size is between P and Q. Also if accepted how long before delivery. Thanks Mark

  9. Julia says:

    Hi, I would like a quote on a russian wedding ring with diamonds in the white gold one.

  10. Jo Bright says:

    Do you have any stores in QLD?

    • Kate Reid says:

      Hi Jo,
      Thanks for your comment. We currently don’t have a QLD location however we still have many happy QLD clients who have ordered jewellery with us via phone and email. We can ship our custom made jewellery anywhere in Australia.
      Please contact us here for further information.

  11. David says:

    My wife is interested in this style of ring.
    Can you please email me some details so we can know a little more?

  12. Sara says:

    My partner and I are looking for matching white metal Russian wedding rings, but I am allergic to silver. What do you recommend?

    • Kate Reid says:

      Hi Sara, thanks for that great question. Many people who react to sterling silver are actually reacting to the copper or nickel within the alloy. If you know which of those metals you react to, just mention that to your jeweller. Most white gold or platinum alloys should be a suitable silver alternative for you however some jewellers use versions that contain the metals mentioned above.

  13. Julia Patten says:

    Hi I’m just wanting to get a quote for Russian wedding ring, yellow, pink and white gold. 4mm each band in a size Q. Thank you

  14. Timothy Wilcox says:

    Hi. I’m wondering if you could provide a price estimate for a three-gold (18k, w: 2.5mm x H: 1.6mm) russian wedding ring size S ? Thanks in advance.

  15. Fiona says:

    Hi there – I am after some more information on your ladies Russian Wedding rings – Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and White Gold. I am not sure of my ring size, should I just go to a jewellers to get measured?
    Thank you

    • Kate Reid says:

      Hi Fiona, that’s a great question. It can be quite difficult to measure a finger correctly for a Russian style wedding ring. We would highly recommend you have your finger measured by the same jeweller who will be making the ring. Please contact your closest studio via the Enquire Now button at the top of this page to make an appointment. We look forward to helping you soon!

  16. Jason says:

    Hello. I have a traditional 3-toned gold Russian wedding ring from when I married. I recently bought some grey/black jewellery including a black diamond earring. To match this new trend, can you make Russian wedding rings with a black/grey look? Titanium/tungsten/silver perhaps? Regards,

    • Kate Reid says:

      Great question Jason, thanks for posting. It is possible to make a Russian wedding ring with one black coloured band and two gold bands although it’s not an ideal everyday ring. The differing metal hardnesses increase the wear and tear on the individual rings which means it won’t last as long as it would if all three rings were made of gold.

  17. Kate Hurley says:

    Hi,I’m interested in buying a tri gold colour ring. Early days of research, but can you please tell me what the difference is between the 9 carat and 18 carat. Besides the price of course!
    Eg, strength, durability etcc
    Thanks in anticipation.

  18. Julia Reymond says:

    Hello, could you please provide a price for a three tone Russian rolling ring with diamonds on the white gold? 20mm diameter, size U 1/2. Thank you

  19. Marilena De Giorgio says:

    Please can I have a n address coming to Melbourne on Monday 23rd of May

  20. Olivia Dumont says:

    Hi, can you make this ring in a size 2.5 (US)? Thanks!

    • Kate Reid says:

      Hi Olivia,
      Yes, absolutely. We custom-make every piece so making one in a small finger size is no problem at all! I’ll send you an email shortly with further information.

  21. Illynne says:

    Hi, I am interested in the Russian wedding ring. Still debating whether to have it in the different gold or just platinum for all 3 bands. I am thinking either 2mm or 3mm for the width. Not sure what size but both my engagement ring and wedding band are from Larsen so you may have a record on my size. Would you be able to provide a quote based on this? Thanks

    • says:

      Hi Illynne,
      Thank you so much for reaching out, we’d love to assist you with this!
      We will send you an email shortly with further details.

  22. Jessica says:

    Hello, I am interested in getting a Russian wedding ring with some Victorian floral engraving on the rose gold band. Would this work, given the rolling nature of the ring? Would the engraving affect this? Thanks!

    • says:

      Hi Jessica,
      Thank you so much for you question, we’d love to assist you with this!
      We will send you an email shortly with further details.

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