Wedding Band Style Guide For Men

January 28, 2019 / Men’s Jewellery, Wedding Rings

It wasn’t too long ago that the only style of wedding ring on offer for men was the classic gold wedding ring. A guy could be mistaken for thinking this was still the only choice and while it is still the perfect option for many, it is by no means the only option available.

These days there is a wedding ring for all men, no matter what your style. Long gone are the days where one style fits all. Now, the choices have gone to the other extreme – there are endless options. For some guys out there it can be overwhelming, particularly for those who are embarking on their first jewellery purchase. To simplify the process, we have broken the steps and the options down to make the process a whole lot easier.


One of the first things to decide is how wide you want your ring to be. Try on a few rings to get a feel of what it looks like on your finger. If you have never worn a ring before, then perhaps stick to a width around the average of 5-7mm for a guy’s ring. Remember the wider the ring, the more metal and hence the more expensive it will be.


So, what is the strongest metal for a wedding band? Which metal do you want? Firstly, decide on the colour, this will rule out some of your options straight away. If you like the look of a classic yellow gold ring then your choice is 18ct or 9ct. The same goes for rose gold. The most popular choice is 18ct but this decision will usually come down to your lifestyle and your budget.

If your preference is white metals, then your main two choices are platinum and white gold. Even though white gold is the most popular, each come with their pros and cons. Usually, the choice comes down to cost, platinum being significantly more expensive than white gold. Platinum is renowned for its purity and hardness and requires no plating to give it its beautiful white colour whereas white gold requires rhodium plating to maintain its white colour


The finish of your ring refers to the texture or surface treatment. It is where you can let your personality and style shine through.

High Polish

A high polish finish is the most popular choice. With its high lustre, mirror finish it is no wonder that this traditional choice will always be in style.

Matte Finish

A matte finish is a perfect option for an understated look. It has a modern, contemporary look and is a wonderful option for those with an active lifestyle, disguising the scratches and unwanted marks from everyday knocks and bumps.

Contrasting Finishes

A popular take on the classic ring is including contrasting finishes. A popular choice is a matte centre with contrasting polished sidesbands or vice versa.

Are you still wondering “What is the best wedding ring for a man?” Often your lifestyle is the first clue.

Rings for Active Men

One of the first things to consider is your lifestyle. If you are a bit ‘rough around the edges’, live an active life and work with your hands then a polished, shiny ring with lots of diamonds is probably not the ideal choice for you. For active men, a ring with a textured finish is a great option. Hammer-tones offer a beaten look and any wear will add to the character of the ring. A brushed matte finish will mean any marks and scratches will be more easily disguised.


Not Afraid of a Touch of Bling

It’s not only girls who love a diamond ring. More men are loving the look of a diamond ring and are not afraid to let their hand sparkle. Stylish men are loving one, two or even a whole row of diamonds set in to contemporary wedding band designs that will be sure to get people talking. Discreetly set one inside the ring or cover the band with a sleek row of princess cut or baguette diamonds, there are a hundred ways to add diamonds while still maintaining a masculine vibe.

Unique Bands

For guys after something truly unique, consider combining different metal colours. A twist on the classic look is the addition of two contrasting sidebands to the sides of your ring. Or for a truly unique look, consider a Mokume wedding band. A Japanese technique where different colours are layered and manipulated to create a wood grain effect.

The Modern Contemporary Man

For those men who are after something timeless and quality is paramount, then follow the lead of Jay-Z and choose a platinum wedding ring. Platinum is considered the superior metal choice renowned its purity and durability. Add a matte finish or a bevelled edge to create that subtle difference.

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