What is the average carat for an engagement ring?

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“What is the average carat for an engagement ring”, along with “how much to spend on an engagement ring?” are the two never-ending questions when it comes to engagement ring shopping. The answer to these questions will set brides or grooms-to-be in a direction to what they ultimately purchase. But what is the average carat for an engagement ring and does it really matter when it comes to your engagement ring?

A good way to answer this is to look at what is the most frequently requested size diamond. In Australia it is easily the 1 carat diamond that is the most sought after diamond. There is a notion out there that a perfect 1 carat solitaire engagement ring is a classic choice, what every girl would want. For some it is and others are not so fussed on the “classic” choice. Whether this trend is for you or not it does set the trend of what people initially look for in a diamond, ultimately steering them in the direction of what they end up getting. Even according to The Knot’s 2014 survey the 1 carat diamond or slightly bigger was the average size diamond choice for shoppers.

There is no straightforward way to answer this question, particularly when looking on a global scale at trends. In Australia there is a focus on quality rather than size differing to America where it is often the case of bigger is better, therefore forgoing on the quality. For this reason it is often in Australia people will opt for a smaller diamond with a higher quality rather than a larger diamond which has obvious flaws. The average spend on an engagement ring is approximately $5000 – $6000 this would ultimately mean that the average size of a diamond will sit somewhere between the 1/2 carat to the 1 carat mark.

But as time goes on trends change, people are opting for coloured stones and alternatively shaped diamonds. Both these choices mean that you can get more bang for your buck than you would when purchasing a round brilliant diamond that demands a premium.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong when it comes to what size diamond you should purchase. But when we look at averages if is safe to say that, unlike America where it is common place to see massive 2 carats sitting proudly on a certain finger, closer to home you it is more likely you will see a sparkling – closer to perfect – but smaller diamond sitting gracefully on a finger.

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