Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

by Rhianna Sinclair
October 10, 2022 / Jewellery Buying Guide

Yellow gold engagement rings are having a renaissance. Let’s look at why this metal is on everyone’s minds lately and discover a few styles for yellow gold inspiration!

Is Yellow Gold Still Fashionable?

Yellow gold has never truly gone out of style for engagement rings. But this metal did briefly fall out of favour a few decades ago, due to a shift in popular culture and Western style.

Back in the 1990s, many considered yellow gold to be too traditional, old-fashioned, or gaudy. While gold engagement rings had been the obvious choice for couples up until the 80s, this was not the case during this decade. This may have been due to the rise of grunge, or a reaction against past fashion trends, particularly amongst young people.

The everyday style of the 90s often featured simple clothes and was generally quite casual. Yellow gold did not fit into many of the decade’s main aesthetics and was even seen as tacky due to its association with the hip hop scene. During the following years, yellow gold dipped in popularity from around 50% of new engagement rings to less than 10%.

This trend continued into the early 2000s, with white gold rising in popularity during this time. More recently, rose gold had its own resurgence, reflecting the rise in bohemian and romantic styles in fashion. White gold is still the most common choice for wedding sets, but yellow gold was the second most popular in 2021, followed closely by platinum.

There may be many reasons why gold is coming back in such a big way. Nostalgia may have something to do with it, as well as changes in celebrity style. We have seen more celebrities and royalty choosing gold for their engagement rings lately. Meghan Markle, Beanie Feldstein, Sofia Richie, Maria Sharapova, and Joey King have all said “yes!” to gorgeous yellow gold rings in recent years.

Whatever the reason yellow gold has made a comeback, we love seeing its return to popularity! 

Why Choose a Yellow Gold Engagement Ring?

Champagne Diamond Engagement Ring with Round Brilliant and Marquise Side Stones

Choosing gold for your engagement ring comes down to preference. Not everyone loves the look of white metals or rose gold on themselves, which makes yellow gold an easy choice. Gold may also be the metal that looks best on you according to your complexion. 

Many people love that gold can bring a touch of luxury and warmth to the jewellery you wear each day. Both diamonds and coloured gemstones look fantastic in yellow gold, as it can be used to create contrasting or complimentary colour schemes. It’s also popular to pair the beauty of a yellow gold band with a white gold setting to further highlight the ring’s gemstones. With the right setting to suit your personal tastes, gold is a great option for almost anyone who loves the look of it.

Gold is also a great option for the ethically conscious and the need for sustainability may also have contributed to its popularity. With Fairtrade certified gold now available, the metal is traceable right back to its mined origin. Gold certified by Fairtrade is sourced from small mining operations which pay their workers a fairly. We offer Fairtrade certified gold wedding rings as part of our mission to be a leader in sustainable jewellery, which you can read about here.

No matter which metal you choose for your engagement ring, the most important thing is that it is the right one for you. After all, trends come and go, but you will be wearing your engagement ring for years to come. If you love the look of yellow gold, then go for it!

Which Style Looks Best in Yellow Gold?

Most ring styles look amazing in yellow gold, and its renaissance has brought with it some beautiful trends in engagement ring design. We’ve collected a few of the hottest gold styles right now to help inspire you in your search for your perfect engagement ring.

Oval Solitaire

Oval Cut Engagement Ring Yellow Gold | Oval Solitaire

If you’ve been searching for engagement rings on Instagram lately, you would have seen plenty of oval diamond solitaires in yellow gold. Our take on this trendy favourite is the Capri.

Simple yet beautiful, the oval shaped diamond adds interest to an otherwise minimal and traditional style. The oval solitaire is chic enough to suit any style, which adds even more to its appeal. Yellow gold adds warmth and contrasts with a diamond, making it the focus on your finger.

The oval solitaire is also an excellent choice for a coloured gemstone. For example, choosing a green or blue-green sapphire can create a gorgeous, complimentary colour scheme. This allows the colour of your beautiful gemstone to pop. 

Or if you love the look of the oval stone and yellow gold combo but aren’t sure about the solitaire, why not add your own spin to it? Side stones and metalwork details are popular additions to this style and can make your engagement ring extra special. 

As with all our custom-made pieces, you can ask our experts at any time during the design process how to add your own personal details to this style.

Pear Cluster

Celestial Ring

Another popular yellow gold style is a pear-cut diamond with a cluster or partial halo of smaller diamonds. Our version of this style is the Celestial, which features a pear-cut centre stone with a half-halo of diamonds. Inspired by bohemian fashion, this style is gorgeous and different.

Pear-cut gemstones are excellent for creating unique styles. The cut is elegant but eye-catching. Enhanced by a yellow gold band, a pear-cut diamond adorned by a cluster of smaller stones can be very striking and unique.

You may like to incorporate colour into your pear and cluster engagement ring, to make it even more one of a kind. A fancy yellow or cognac diamond is another way to compliment a yellow gold band while making your ring one-of-a-kind. You could also swap the clustered diamonds for coloured gemstones.

If you’re looking for something even more out-there, this style is also a great place to start for an asymmetrical design. We have discussed before about how an asymmetrical design can give your engagement ring individual flair. While they may seem intimidating at first, designs such as this can bring beautiful, one-of-a-kind results with the help of an expert.

Vintage Inspired

Oval Sapphire Engagement Ring with Vintage Style Halo

As we’ve discussed in many of our recent posts, vintage styles have been popping up a lot more often recently. If you’re into old-world styles, choosing gold can make your engagement ring feel even more classic. With so many different eras of jewellery to draw inspiration from, you’re sure to find a vintage design you love. As big fans of antique glam ourselves, we have made a lot of custom vintage-inspired rings in yellow gold over the years. 

The toi et moi ring is one vintage style that looks fantastic in yellow gold and is becoming increasingly popular recently. “You and me” engagement rings feature two large gemstones side-by-side and hold a lot of romantic meaning in their history. A popular variation of this style is two large diamonds in different cuts, contrasted by a yellow gold band.

Vintage halo and cluster style rings have also been popular recently, as we discussed in a previous blog. These vintage halo styles can be truly romantic and striking. Many of these designs are inspired by flowers, taking notes from nature while still giving glamorous sparkle. They look fantastic in yellow gold, with either diamond or coloured gemstones, and are easily made one-of-a-kind.

No matter which style you’re hoping for, we can help you create the custom gold engagement ring of your dreams at our Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne studios. Contact us today to get started making a beautiful engagement ring with this gorgeous metal.

Do you love yellow gold as much as we do? Which style or gemstone do you think goes best with this metal? What will your yellow gold engagement ring look like? Let us know in the comments below!

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