Articles About Coloured Gemstones

A Guide to Sapphires


Sapphires are the number one choice when it comes to coloured gemstone engagement rings. The first colour that comes to mind for...

6 Engagement Rings for the Boho Bride


There are many types of brides all with different styles from the modern minimalist, where less is more, to the traditionalist who...

Diamond Engagement Rings with Sapphires


Although diamond engagement rings have been the most typical engagement ring for many years, another style whose popularity continues to rise is...

Our top Instagram accounts for the Bride-to-Be


Instagram, the most popular photo sharing app, is a source of inspiration for many brides. It is quite safe to say that...

Create Your Own Gemstone Ring

Create Your Own Gemstone Ring

Discovering the magic of coloured gemstones is like a child discovering a candy store. You quickly realise that you have entered a...

Design Your Engagement Ring From Scratch

Design Your Engagement Ring From Scratch

Designing your own engagement ring comes with no rules. You can be as imaginative as you like and your ring can be...

Design Your Own Beautiful Birthstone Ring

Andromeda White Gold Engagement Ring

When you are stuck for gift ideas, one of the most beautiful and sentimental gifts you can give is a beautiful piece...

Pastel Coloured Engagement rings


When major trends take off in the fashion and design, we often see the effect this has in the jewellery world. As...

Non-Diamond or Coloured Diamond Engagement and Wedding Rings


Diamonds are not the only option for your engagement or wedding ring. Many prefer a splash of colour, others cite ethical reasons...

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