Articles About Coloured Gemstones

Pastel Coloured Engagement rings


When major trends take off in the fashion and design, we often see the effect this has in the jewellery world. As...

Beautiful Aquamarine Jewellery for March Babies


Aquamarine is the birthstone of March, it belongs to the Beryl family, the same group that includes Emerald and Morganite. Named after...

10 of Our Most Favourite Coloured Gemstone Rings


When it comes to gemstone engagement rings the most popular by far is the Sapphire. Blue is what springs to mind when...

Sparkling Rose Gold Engagement Rings with Pink Diamonds


Pink on pink, it is the ultimate combination for a princess, for a girl who loves a touch of prettiness and when...

Amazing diamond dress rings by Larsen Jewellery


Fine jewellery is a luxury many of us invest in over our lifetime. Most often it’s an engagement and wedding ring but...

Pink Engagement Rings

Pink Engagement Rings

If you ask a girl what her favourite colour is, most will answer pink, after all, pink is the colour of love....

6 Rings with Subtle Details


Choosing the perfect engagement ring is not always the easiest task, it is exciting, but there is also a plethora of design...

10 Unique Custom Engagement Rings


Choosing to have an engagement ring custom made means you truly can have whatever you wish for. Regardless of how traditional or...

10 Engagement Rings for the Frugal Bride


Getting engaged and getting married is expensive and for some of us, that means tightening the budget when it comes to purchasing...

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