Has Meghan Markle Got a New Engagement Ring?!

by Kate Reid
July 10, 2019 / Celebrity

Hot in the press right now and trending across the web are a whole heap of opinions about the changes made to Meghan Markle’s engagement ring.

When Harry got down on one knee in November of 2017, he presented Meghan with a yellow gold ring (because as he knows gold is her favourite) featuring a glorious cushion cut diamond sourced from Botswana, accompanied by two brilliant cut diamonds either side from Harry’s mother’s jewellery collection. Harry added some of Princess Diana’s diamonds to Meghan’s ring so that his mother would be with them at all times. A beautiful and heartfelt addition to a special symbol of Harry and Meghan’s commitment.

FUN FACT: Botswana – where the main diamond on the ring is from – was the destination Prince Harry and Meghan celebrated her 36th birthday back in 2017. The trip was a wildlife safari and a glamping getaway for the two!

Image via instagram

Coming back now to 2019 and just after the birth of Prince Archie, Meghan’s thick band engagement seems to look a little different. The most obvious change to the engagement ring is a thinner band, which is micro-pave set with diamonds.

When fans of the royal couple spotted the ring, they discovered a revamped version of the original ring occasion Harry proposed with in an “of course it was” romantic way (Harry’s quote not ours).

So, with an overview of the changes to the ring from 2017 to now, let’s dig deeper into this update and answer some more burning questions on the decision.

Our head jeweller at Larsen is an expert in all things engagement rings and has provided some insights into the changes Meghan made to alter her original design.

Image via instagram

To simplify it, the noticeable changes to the ring were (like we said) the narrowing of the yellow gold band and the addition of the tiny diamonds.

For this change to happen, two different scenarios are going through our minds. Either the width of the band has been reduced and set with diamonds, or the ring would have been entirely remade.

Option two seems to be the most likely scenario, as it appears to sit lower than the original ring and although paparazzi photos make it a little hard to confirm, the centre diamond looks like it is held in place with four claws instead of the original eight – yeah, we are observant people when it comes to our jewellery craft.

There has been no mention or confirmation if the diamonds on the ring are different to the original, however, it is highly unlikely the diamonds have been changed due to the significance they hold to the royal couple.

So why the change? Well, it isn’t uncommon for minor adjustments to be made to a ring, especially when the ring has been designed and made without the bride-to-be’s input – always a significant factor when choosing the perfect ring. Partners who design or choose the engagement ring should not be offended by slight ring changes or alterations – after all, you want your bride to be happy, right!?

There are many possible motives behind Meghan’s decision to have the ring changed. One factor we have considered is the band was too wide for Meghan’s finger, this could have been amplified with the addition of her wedding and celebration rings resulting in the narrowing of the band. Three rings on one finger is a lot, so making the engagement ring band thinner could make them more comfortable to wear.

However, to have a relatively new engagement ring completely remade is quite unusual, even for a celebrity or royal! It hasn’t yet been two years since Harry popped the question.

Anyway, who are we to judge? We LOVE what she has done to it, and it is so important for the owner of any piece of jewellery to be completely in love and comfortable when wearing it, otherwise, the happiness in the piece is lost.

We also want you to be happy with the ring you wear on the daily. There is no point leaving your jewellery on your dressing table or on the bathroom basin to collect dust! It needs to be loved and cherished. At Larsen Jewellery we offer a range of three stone engagement rings (same amount of bling as Meghan’s) that can be modified to suit any bride to be! You can see the range here.

Or maybe your engagement ring is looking a little dated and needs a makeover? Larsen Jewellery can help answer any questions about redesigning your existing jewellery.

The key takeaway from this whole story is, wearing a piece of jewellery that you love is special, if you are wearing it forever, you want to love every aspect of it. Don’t be afraid to make minor changes to your engagement ring, those changes could have a lasting impact on your love for the ring.

So, what do you think of the fact Meghan has updated her engagement ring? Please comment and tell us, we would love to hear your thoughts!


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    It will improve the band , as plain gold wears it tends to scratch and become dull , diamonds will keep it sparkly and fresh looking.

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