On Trend: 3 Stone Engagement Rings

July 18, 2013 / Jewellery Buying Guide

Three stone engagement rings have been and still are a popular choice of engagement ring. What they represent is a beautiful sentiment as well; the past, present and future. 
You may have also heard the term trinity or trilogy ring. This expression is a religious term for this style of engagement ring. The three stones represent the Holy Trinity; the father, the son and the Holy Spirit.
Traditionally, the three stone engagement rings consisted of round stones; the centre being the larger and the two smaller side stones are of equal size. Of course, now with the options of custom designing your own ring your design options are endless. You can mix different shaped diamonds and/or add colour with coloured gemstones to create a unique creation of your own.
To help inspire you, here are just five of Larsen Jewellery’s beautiful three stone engagement rings:
The traditional three stone engagement ring. The ‘Swing Trio’ featuring three beautiful round brilliant diamonds.
The ‘Bluebell’ featuring a spectacular 1.21ct Ceylon Sapphire and two Princess cut diamonds
The ‘Swing Trio’ (Pears) featuring a 0.60ct round brilliant diamond in the centre and two beautiful matching pear shaped diamonds either side.
The ‘Luna’ engagement ring featuring a 1.00ct Emerald Cut and two trilliant cut diamonds set either side.
Love Pink? The ‘Rose Trio’ featuring a stunning 1.5ct oval cut pink sapphire set perfectly between two round brilliant diamonds.


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