The Larsen Diary

How To Care For and Clean Your Jewellery

The perfect engagement ring

Creating an easy-care routine for your precious jewellery will make sure that it continues to look beautiful and sparkle. Here are a...

Help! I Don’t Like My Engagement Ring

How Much Should You Spend on an Engagement Ring?

We would all say we would be happy with a burger ring on our finger. After all, it means we get to...

Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Vintage Inspired Halo Design Featuring Mill Grain

The term vintage-inspired is a very loose term to describe designs reflecting elements of a time once passed. If you are under...

Mens Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

Princess Baguette Yellow Gold Wedding Ring

It is a tradition that the man that gets down on one knee and asks his one and only for their hand...

How To Design A Custom Engagement Ring

larsen jewellery design sketching

So, you have decided to pop the question! Yes, that’s right, one of life’s defining moments. Choosing a ring is your next...

A Guide To Coloured Engagement Rings

Malaya Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Diamonds are not the only option for your engagement or wedding ring. Many prefer a splash of colour, others cite ethical reasons...

Engagement Gifts Ideas (That Aren’t Just Money)

gift in box

While most couples ask for a monetary contribution to financially kickstart their lives or already have a gift registry emailed and posted,...

6 Tips to Help Handle Unsolicited Wedding Advice

bride and groom kissing

The ring is on the hand and you have announced your engagement to your family and friends. Something you may start to...

7 Ways to Make Sure Your Christmas Wedding Delights

Christmas foliage

Now, I’ll be the first to admit when I hear ‘…it’s going to be a Christmas Wedding!’ my face can’t help but...

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