Why Should You Have An Engagement Party?

by Kate Reid
July 3, 2018 / Engagement and Weddings

From the moment you get engaged, the journey to the big day begins. Simultaneously, the planning commences and the reality of all of the costs start to rise. This can lead many newly engaged couples to the predicament of whether to have an engagement party or not.

Engagement parties are not essential, but they are a growing trend. Many believe it is an additional outlay that may not be necessary but like any party, an engagement party can be as extravagant or simple as you wish. It is completely up to you. Here, we take a look at why engagement parties can be a wonderful idea.

1. The perfect excuse for a celebration

First and foremost, it is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your wonderful news. It is understandable that from the moment you get engaged, you want to announce it to all your loved ones. A wedding can feel like a long way down the track and by having an engagement party, you can ride the excitement you are experiencing by celebrating with your closest friends and family.

2. When there are too many people on your guest list.

It is not long after an engagement that you start thinking about the wedding, who you would invite and how many people are on that list. For some, the list seems to never end. This can be tricky if your heart desires a smaller, more intimate wedding. An engagement party can be the perfect opportunity to invite everyone from all walks of life. It means that you still get to celebrate with all the people you love and then, later down the track, you can invite just your closest friends and family to your big day.

3. When you are eloping

If you prefer to skip all the fuss of a wedding or have decided that the expense is better saved on your future together then you are most likely entertaining the idea of eloping! This does not mean that you need to skip all the celebration completely, an engagement party is a great way to get the best of both worlds and may also satisfy your family and friends’ need to celebrate with you!

4. When your wedding is abroad.

It seems that more and more couples are opting for weddings abroad. Whether it be due to intercultural relationships or just that an island wedding is irresistible, they are also a great way to keep the guest list from getting out of control! An engagement party means that you can still have your dream wedding but also celebrate with all the people who are unable to attend.

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