Why Won’t Harry Wear a Wedding Ring?

by Kate Reid
May 15, 2018 / Celebrity

When Harry and Meghan announced their engagement, the first thing we were eagerly awaiting to see was the engagement ring. With the wedding now just around the corner, it is not only the dress that we are anticipating but also the wedding rings.

Now, if you are expecting to see Prince Harry wearing a wedding ring then you may have to think again. Prince William does not wear a wedding ring and so many have their suspicions that neither will Harry.

You may be wondering why the Royal men appear to forgo the tradition of wearing a wedding ring?

Apparently, in what many might categorise as bizarre aristocracy, the tradition of wearing a wedding ring was rejected by men in line to the throne as it was believed that men do not wear any jewellery, with the only exception being a signet ring. Prince Phillip has also never worn a wedding ring.

Many put this down to a symbol of status and an age-old tradition. Others may assume that royalty believes that there is no need for them to wear a wedding ring. Either way, this is a surprising revelation.

Another observation remarkable to many is that it is not only royalty that has shunned this tradition. Some of the world’s biggest celebrities have also decided to forgo the wedding ring. Let’s have a look at who else opted to ditch their wedding ring.


Beyonce and Jay-Z

Although Beyonce wears one of the biggest engagement rings in Hollywood, both her and her husband Jay-Z decided against the traditional wedding ring. Instead, they have matching rings tattoos on their fingers.

Barack Obama

Obama has been photographed on several occasions without a wedding ring. Apparently, the adorable reason is not that he does not have a wedding ring but that he goes to great lengths to make sure he will never lose his most precious possession.

Will Smith

There has been much speculation as to why Will Smith has been spotted for some time now not wearing his wedding ring. Some are saying that it is a sign that they are no longer together. But the overwhelming majority feel that after 20 years together they are stronger than ever.


Singer, Solange, has one of the most unusual engagement rings. Perhaps the non-traditional nature of the design is the reason why Solange has not been photographed with a wedding ring.

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