Diamond Earrings

Discover our wide range of diamond earrings — whether you’re looking for studs, hoops, or dangling drops with lots of detail.

Discover our wide range of diamond earrings — whether you’re looking for studs, hoops, or dangling drops with lots of detail.

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Had a good experience getting custom wedding bands made here. Great service and great craftsmanship.
Thank you Jacinta for assisting us throughout the process of having our wedding bands created. You were very easy to deal with and we were pleased with the quality of the bands.
Great jewellery. Have bought engagement and wedding rings. Customised for my wife and I. Service and products are excellent
Julian Smith
Larsen is fantastic. I went there for an engagement ring and was very impressed with everything. The showroom is beautiful, the team (especially Rachel) are knowledgeable and very helpful throughout the design and crafting process. The timelines were met with no issues and the price was very competitive compared to other reputable jewelers. The ring is stunning - very professionally crafted. My fiancé loves it and I couldn't have asked for anything else with the design. Will definitely be back. Thank you!
Tyler Wilson
They did an amazing job with my proposal - customer service was stellar, can’t thank you enough Rachel - they love the ring 💖
Camila Sanchez
Larsen jewellery was amazing in designing and creating a stunning engagement ring. Big thank you to Soukata who was extremely accommodating, knowledgeable, friendly and made the process of designing a ring enjoyable. We will be back for our wedding bands real soon. Thank you so much again!
Mack Li

Meet the talented team at Larsen Jewellery who turn your ideas into stunning pieces.
With decades of hands-on experience, our creative team are leading the way in Australian jewellery craftsmanship.

Ornella - Jeweller


Sydney Jewellery Designer

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Jacinta - Jewellery Designer


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Sydney Jeweller - Kate


Operations Manager

Soukata - Sydney Jewellery Designer


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Alex - Jewellery Designer


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Tracy - Sydney Jewellery Designer


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Rod - Jewellery Designer


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Sydney Jewellery Designer - Rachel


Sydney Jewellery Designer

Fleur - Jewellery Designer


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Melbourne Jewellery Designer Celeste


Melbourne Jewellery Designer

Sarina - Jeweller


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Sydney Jeweller

Sydney Jeweller - John


Sydney Jeweller

Natalie - Jewellery Designer


Melbourne Jeweller

Help me choose the right jewellery

Help Me Choose The Right Jewellery Design

Not sure where to start? Whether you’re looking to find the perfect gift or to design a bespoke heirloom piece, our jewellers are here to help you make the right decision. We can walk you through everything you need to know in a 1-on-1 consultation, or you can simply reach out to us for a little advice.

Learn About Diamond Earrings

A number of our diamond earrings (included in our ready to wear collection) can be bought with a selection of interchangeable elements, like a gemstone or pearl drop, or even upgraded with a halo.

We have diamond earrings in a range of different styles, including vintage designs and statement earrings. We also have classic stud designs, or if you’re looking for a more creative twist, we have those too, with drops, hoops, gemstones and more. Sometimes diamonds are the focus, either as a centre stone or multiple stones in a unique design. Other times, diamonds are the accent for other gorgeous gemstones, like enhancing sapphires with a halo, or a diamond sparkle at the top of a topaz briolette drop. We have larger carat designs for those who are looking for diamond earrings that are bold and striking designs, and petite diamond designs for those who want that everyday shimmer to their jewellery collection.

Of course, if our range of stunning classic, vintage and botanically-inspired diamond earring designs aren’t quite the right fit for what you’re after, we can work with you to create a custom design. Get in touch with one of our jewellery designers from our Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane studios and we can talk about what you’re looking for — for some inspiration, you’re welcome to explore our gallery of unique jewellery designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? We’re happy to answer them! 

How should I clean diamond earrings?

Diamond earrings that are made of precious metals such as sterling silver or gold earrings, should be cleaned with warm, soapy water and a soft-bristled brush (like a toothbrush), and then dried with a tissue. For a full run down, have a read through our jewellery care guide.

What size diamond earrings should I get?

What size diamonds you get is entirely up to you and what you’re comfortable with. For many, a 1 carat set of diamond earrings (each earring with 0.5 carat) is subtle enough to wear every day, and yet stunning enough to elevate an evening look.

How much are diamond earrings?

How much diamond earrings cost depends on a number of factors, including carat weight, quality, cut and complexity of the design. We have a range of options, starting at designs with less than 0.3 total carat weight to add that sparkle around your face, or find a gift for a special occasion, without costing you an arm and a leg.

What’s your ready to wear collection?

Our ready to wear collection are pieces that are already made and ready to find a home, and the majority can be shipped out within 5 business days, unless they’re sold out or have a specific note with the product, either for pre-order or otherwise.

Can I still wear diamond earrings if I’m sensitive to certain metals?

If you're sensitive to nickel, you can wear our diamond earrings — they're made of 9ct or 18ct gold, as are our backs, so they're friendly to sensitive ears. If you have a copper sensitivity, you should avoid rose gold in general. For metal allergies, it's always best to speak to your doctor and your jewellery to ensure you choose the safest metal type for you.

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