The Larsen Diary

Marquise Diamond Rings

Aura White Gold Engagement Ring

Marquise diamonds are one of the lesser-known fancy cuts. The best way to describe them is as an elongated oval diamond with...

The Origins of Engagement Rings

Round cut engagement ring

Many women spend years dreaming of the day that they will meet their true love and wait in anticipation for the day...

6 places you should not wear your engagement ring

Upon receiving an engagement ring, it is unimaginable to think about taking it off, even for a few minutes. But it is...

Which Kind of Engagement Ring is Perfect For You

Please complete the quiz and discover your ideal engagement ring design. Please don’t forget to share your results on Facebook once you...

Unique Halo Engagement Rings

Diamond Sky White Gold Engagement Ring

One of the most popular and versatile engagement ring styles is the halo engagement ring. With a ring of diamonds framing the...

5 Reasons Why Diamonds are here to stay

Emerald Serenity Platinum Engagement Ring

Diamond are a girl’s best friend or so they say. And although they might not be the choice for everyone, they are...

Should you wear your ring whilst showering or cleaning?

The perfect engagement ring

The day you receive an engagement ring is often the first day your hand will be adorned with a stunning diamond ring....

How to Look After Your Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring is a once in a lifetime gift and arguably the most special piece of jewellery you will ever receive....

Yellow Gold Engagement Ring’s

Delta Trio Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

It appears that 2018 is the year of gold, yellow gold that is. In recent years, we have seen rose gold rise...

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