How to Create an Engagement rings with Hidden Details

November 4, 2017 / Engagement Rings, Jewellery Buying Guide

Many ladies are drawn to the classic, timeless nature of solitaire and diamond halo engagement rings alike. However, there is also often a desire to have a ring that is individual without being so unique that you risk your design being too weird. In these cases, we often suggest that an engagement ring with hidden details might just strike the perfect balance between unique and timeless.

When you see an engagement ring with hidden details from above, the ring will appear like any other classic version of its style. To anybody else, these hidden details may go unnoticed. It is only when someone has the opportunity to take a closer look or when they get a quick flash of your ring from a different angle will they notice that there are surprise details that make your ring truly unique.

It is these small details that can make an engagement ring that much more special. Handcrafted especially for you, they showcase that every detail has been considered. It may be a small element like a secret hand engraved message or pattern or it might be hidden diamonds set on the bridge of your ring. There are many ways to create subtle features that set your ring apart from the classics.


The Ava

From above the Ava looks like the perfect six claw solitaire with side stones but when you take a closer look, you suddenly notice that this ring might just be one of the most romantic rings around. With tiny love hearts circling the gallery, teamed with pink diamond side stones there are few rings that show more love than the Ava.


The Hourglass

A sleek contemporary solitaire from above, you would be forgiven for thinking that this ring design is minimalist, where the simplicity of the band and the double claws are the refined features of this design. But with one quick look under the setting, you realise this ring holds something very special. Beneath the centre diamond is one small round ruby (or gemstone of your choice) inverted into the bridge of the ring. The silhouette of the inverted ruby and the diamond reminded us of an hourglass, hence its name.



The Star Gazer

An antique diamond solitaire engagement ring with exquisite engraving featured on the halo and shoulders of the ring, the Star Gazer has a raised setting with a visible pyramid gallery. To accentuate this form, double engraved lines have been mirrored on the profile of the gallery.


The Celtic

A six claw, rose gold solitaire featuring a round Cognac diamond and white side stones, the Celtic engagement ring is a perfect example of how you can create a classic design and include details on the profile of your ring that expresses a part of you. The Celtic features a beautiful Celtic pattern engraved on both sides of the ring.


The Faith

This classic claw set Princess cut diamond engagement ring houses the perfect addition for a modernist ring beneath the setting, 2pt round brilliant diamonds, bezel set on both sides.


The Baroque

A vintage inspired ring, unassuming in nature from the top view, features beautiful hidden detail in the side. Underneath the diamond set shoulders, our expert jewellers carefully fit delicate scrolls to give this design an element of old-world luxury.


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