How To Design A Custom Engagement Ring

So, you have decided to pop the question! Yes, that’s right, one of life’s defining moments. Choosing a ring is your next step. Whether you choose to surprise your partner with a ring or have her be a part of the process, is completely up to you.

Deciding where to buy an engagement ring may leave you feeling as though you have come to a fork in the road. You will likely be facing two options: choose a pre-made engagement ring or have your ring custom-designed and unique to you.

Why Should You Design Your Own Engagement Ring?

There are many exquisite pre-made rings, so it is understandable that you might wonder why you would choose to have a ring custom made. After all, it may seem a simpler and faster process to select a pre-made ring off the shelf and take it home straight away. But there are many wonderful reasons in favour of custom making your own; some would say that these far outweigh the reasons why you should not!

There is something truly beautiful about having an engagement ring custom made especially for the one you love. This is an important and one of the largest purchases you will make – and so, it is deserving of every moment that it takes to make the right choice.

The process of having an engagement ring custom made does not have to be a daunting one. In fact, it should be enjoyable, perhaps a touch nerve-racking, but definitely enjoyable! The most beautiful thing about having your ring custom made is that you become a part of the entire process. From selecting a style to choosing the perfect diamond or coloured gemstone and then finally deciding on the perfect design. It becomes such a lovely and personal experience. A good jeweller will guide you through the whole process with ease, making sure that you get to see the ring throughout different stages.

Above anything else, the sentimental value of having a ring custom made is second to none. For the rest of your life, your partner will wear a ring that has been created by you to be worn only by her. And that in itself is worth every moment it takes to create a custom made an engagement ring!

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Where To Start?

Designing your own engagement ring comes with no rules. You can be as imaginative as you like and your ring can be as unique as you wish for it to be.

The first place to start when setting out on the journey of designing your own ring is gathering all your ideas together. Include everything that you love and everything that you don’t. The easiest place to source your inspiration is online. We must warn you though, you may find yourself losing hours of your life getting lost in all the sparkling inspiration available. To keep track of all your favourite imagery, try starting a Pinterest page; where everything is then stored in one place.

green stone ring sketch

Popular Inspiration

Spend some time and gather images to draw inspiration from. After this, you will probably find yourself closer to having a clearer idea of what you love. This is the point to start taking note of which elements you love and filtering out all the images you don’t love. A list of questions to note include: Is there a particular shaped gemstone you love? Are you a diamond kind of girl or is there a coloured gemstone that you love? Do you have a preference for a coloured metal such as white or yellow? Have you too been struck by the beauty of rose gold? Do you love a vintage style design with intricate details or are you drawn to minimal, modern design? Are you a one-stone kind of girl or do you love the look of three-stone, halos or rings featuring clusters of diamonds/gemstones?

If you have answered these questions, it is probably safe to say you have a clearer picture of what you are after. Armed with all this information and a budget in mind, you are ready to visit your jeweller. Our jewellers love the opportunity to be creative and work with their clients. To come up with something truly unique and representative of their individual style. The more information you have for them, the better.

Together with your jeweller, you will work to bring your dream ring to life. Choose the perfect diamond or gemstone and design the ring to display your stone perfectly. It is all the small refined details which make a ring unique to the holder. Whether it is with a gentle curve, a carefully sourced small gemstone, engraved details or a small bit of texture. Sometimes it’s the smallest details, only noticeable to you, that make a ring that much more special and unique.

How To Prepare For A Bespoke Ring Appointment

Feelings of apprehension towards custom designing an engagement ring are completely understandable. You may have spent a lifetime dreaming up the perfect ring, the vision in your mind may include every little curve, line and design detail. If this is the case then it is no wonder that you feel a sense of anxiety about handing over the responsibility of bringing your vision to life. We may all imagine things differently, so someone else’s interpretation may be completely different. No matter how well you describe your dream ring.

This does not mean you should cancel out custom designing as an option. There are many ways to get around this and the number one suggestion is pictures, pictures, pictures!

Can a Jeweller Change My Ring Design?

That answer is not quite as straightforward as you may think.

Working with a jeweller to create an engagement ring involves working as a team. An experienced and reputable jeweller will be able to guide you through the whole process and make recommendations based on their years of experience as to what will work and what will not. We would strongly suggest that you choose this time to heed their advice.

A great jeweller will work with you to bring your dream ring to reality without compromising on the quality. Sometimes it may require slight changes to the design to increase the longevity of your ring but often it will be just as you imagined it. For example, if you have your heart set on a ring that is super fine with a solitaire diamond, you may want to allow your jeweller to thicken it up a little. A thin ring is ok when worn every now and then but if a thin ring is to be worn every day for the rest of your life, you risk breakages and, the unthinkable scenario of losing your diamond because of the fragility of the claws that were holding it in place.

Ultimately it is important to remember that you and your jeweller both want your ring to be perfect. There are times when it might be necessary to make a few small changes, but, remember that it is for the integrity of the design and will always be discussed with you first.

When scheduling an appointment to discuss your ideas with a jeweller, it is a very good idea to do a bit of preparation. This is for your benefit; to make sure you make the most out of the time you have together. So what do we mean by preparation?

The Larsen Bespoke Process - Step 1

Here Are a Few Helpful Tips:

1. If there are certain design elements that you know you want then the best thing is to provide your jeweller with a selection of images. If you have a natural talent for bringing visions to life on paper, do not hold back! Tune into your inner Da Vinci and sketch, to the best of your abilities, exactly what you are dreaming of.

2. Collect images, whether they are from magazines or the internet, that are like the ring you are after. You may like a particular style of setting on one ring but love the fine details of engraving and filigree of another.

3. Viewing loose diamonds can be overwhelming, so it is a good idea to get an idea of the shape and size that you are after. Try to work out what size your budget will allow. This will also help prevent the temptation of spending beyond your budget after viewing beautiful big diamonds!

4. It is understandable if you do not want to reveal your budget at the beginning – no one likes the hard sell! Once you feel confident that you have found the right jeweller for you it’s best to provide a ballpark figure. This will allow them to search for the most suitable diamond or coloured gemstone to fit your budget.

5. Allow plenty of time! Custom designing is not as quick as purchasing a ready-made piece. The process is much more involved, which is part of the beauty of custom made. Allowing at least two months will give you plenty of time. There is no need to put yourself through unnecessary stress! Remember that the process of finding the right stone and finalising your design to perfection could take at least a few weeks.

6. Most importantly, have an open mind and enjoy the process! A good jeweller will provide helpful suggestions and ideas to make sure your ring exceeds your expectations!

Do you have some questions about designing and custom making an engagement ring? Drop us a line in the comments below!

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