Two Tone Wedding Rings

November 2, 2011 / Men’s Jewellery, Wedding Rings

Two tone wedding rings feature two metals that contrast in colour, they are joined together to create a huge variety of different designs.The most popular option being a combination of yellow gold and white gold. Two-tone rings are created by making two or more separate bands that are then soldered together to form one ring.

The team of expert Jewellers at Larsen Jewellery specialise in custom made wedding rings and have a large selection of two tone wedding ring designs to be viewed and tried on in our Sydney and Melbourne studios. Some of these designs can also be viewed on our website in the ‘Wedding Rings’ section.

Being custom made however, you are not limited by this selection and can choose many elements of your design including the overall width of the band, the width and shape of each coloured section and many other exciting elements that will ensure you are very happy with the end result and will enjoy your ring for a lifetime.

For those after something more unique, you have the option of having a three tone wedding ring which incorporates yellow, white and also rose gold. Rose gold is somewhat underrated and it looks fantastic next to White Gold.

One you have decided on these options, you can then choose whether you would like a ‘matte’ or ‘polished’ finish, which will determine the overall look of the finished ring. You may even choose to have one metal done in matte, and the other with a shiny polished finish.

Your design is only limited by your imagination. To view a  range of our two tone bands please view our two tone wedding ring gallery, or call Larsen Jewellery in Sydney on 02 9223 2006 to arrange a no-obligation appointment.

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