Common Ideas for Engagement Rings

Have you caught yourself browsing online at engagement rings or flicking through magazines, day dreaming over celebrities big rocks on their one and only finger? If so, it is probably fair to say that you too are getting closer to the day when a certain finger will also be adorned with a dazzling ring. Whilst fantasising about the ring that will adorn your finger, you may also have noticed similarities amongst all that sparkle.
It is fair to say that your choices when it comes to an engagement rings are seemingly endless. There is no doubt about that. But there is also some common ideas and styles that amongst all the choices still continue to gain popularity. Lets have a look at these.
                                                          The Solitaire Engagement Ring
This is without a doubt at the top of the list when it comes to common ideas for engagement rings. It is hard to imagine a day when the solitaire round brilliant engagement ring will not be the most requested style of ring. 
                                                                         Something Blue
What would be of the Sapphire engagement ring if Princess Diana did not receive this ring and more recently Kate Middleton? It’s fair to suggest that it is this very ring that has sent the sales of royal blue sapphire engagement rings soaring. A trend that continues to only grow.
                                                                     White, White, White
There are three main choices when it comes to the colour metal you choose for your engagement ring. Even though the popularity of rose gold is on the rise and once upon a time yellow gold was the choice for most, it is the white metals – white gold and platinum — that remain the number one choice for all.
                                                                        A Secret Message
One of the most common ideas but the least obvious is the little secret love message that is engraved into the inside of your ring. A message of love only for the beholder.
                                                                            Extra dazzle
It seems to be that for many, one is not enough… that is when it comes to diamonds. For those that don’t choose a solitaire, it is all about that extra sparkle no matter how subtle or ostentatious. It might be the popular three stone ring, or a halo of diamonds or extra dazzle set in the band of your ring which ever it is the extra bling is one certain way of enhancing your centre diamond.

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