Test Your Jewellery Knowledge

April 8, 2019 / Quizzes

Test out your jewellery knowledge! See whether you really know your stuff with this quick, little multiple choice quiz.

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Which of these gemstones is the hardest?

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Which one of these stamps would you see on 18ct gold?

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Which one of these metals is sightly pink in colour?

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Which of these diamond cuts is a square shape?

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What is the highest colour grading for diamonds?

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Which one of these is not made by Larsen Jewellery?

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Which of these diamonds is the largest?

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A ring design that features only one diamond or gemstone is called

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Test your Jewellery Knowledge
Master Jeweller

Master jewellerCongratulations, you really know your stuff! If you were a diamond, you would be flawless. If you were gold, you would be 24 carat. We find every facet of your knowledge scintillating!

Apprentice Jeweller

Apprentice jewellerWell done, that’s pretty impressive! We’ll hazard a guess that this is not the first time you have dipped your toes into the proverbial sparkling pool of diamond jewellery. You sure are a treasure!

Hobby Jeweller

Hobby jewellerNot too bad! You may have dabbled with diamonds or flirted with filigree but we think you could benefit from owning a few more pieces of fine jewellery. Perhaps it’s time to drop a hint!

Don’t give up your day job

Don’t give up your day jobHmmm... When it comes to jewellery, you may not be the brightest diamond in the tennis bracelet but we’re sure you make up for it in other areas.

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  1. Flory says:

    Love jewellery 💕

  2. Kathlene says:

    Woow can’t believe it, but I have always loved diamonds and I am very picky with my stones

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