The Classics – Engagement Ring Styles to Stand the Test of Time

What is it about the classic’s? No matter how many new trends come and go, there are some styles that just seem to stick.  This is true for many things, clothes, furniture, hey even hair styles… It also rings true for engagement rings. Some would say more so than anything else. Engagement rings, unlike any other purchase, is for a lifetime. Your ring will be worn through the decades as you pass through the different phases of your life and all through this time your style, your hair style will evolve, but your ring will be the one thing that will remain the same. For this reason alone, there are many women or men, who prefer to choose the classic engagement ring or as some may say the “safe” option. 
Let’s just clear this up straight away by saying there is no right or wrong. There are some that are just not suited to the classic style, and having a unique ring custom made just for you is much more suitable. 
For those of you that dream about that classic diamond ring, there is several twists on the classic style, if the classic solitaire is not for you there are many other options. We have put together six of our favourite “classic” style engagement rings, that we think epitomise timeless perfection and perhaps the “safer” options.
                                                                       The ‘Elegance’
                                                                          The ‘Amore’
                                                                             The ‘Serenity’



                                                                      The ‘Swing Trio’ (Pears)
                                                                               The ‘Rosetta’


                                                                                The ‘Tzarina’

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