Brianna and Ethan

Ethan and I were on a four week holiday around south east Asia. We’d been in Thailand for a week when we came across a place off the beaten track called the ‘Cave Lodge’. It was this amazing log-style cabin set in the tree tops with regular caving and trekking trips organised daily through the lodge.

One evening, we went for a walk and were rock hopping to cross a small river. He pulled me back to huddle on one rock in the middle of the river and that was where he got down on one knee and proposed. Because we were travelling, Ethan didn’t want to carry around a big ring so he had just bought something small but it was still perfect. He explained that when we got home that we would create a proper engagement ring by remodelling his mum’s engagement ring, which she was generous enough to gift to Ethan.

That was when Larsen Jewellery got involved! I was able to then design my own ring with the help of the jewellers at Larsen. When we finally picked up the finished product, Ethan was able to propose to me again! I decided that the smaller ring that Ethan originally proposed with was still very special to me so instead of then fitting another wedding band to the new engagement ring, we did it the other way around. When we remodeled the engagement ring we made it fit the ring I already had, and that then became the wedding band because both rings were special to me.

What made it even more special is that the gold from Ethan’s mum’s ring will be used when we create Ethan’s wedding band. So I got the sapphire and he’ll get the gold so we can both get a part of Ethan’s mum’s ring.