Joe and Sally

When looking online to get “the ring”, I came across Larsen Jewellery and decided to go in for a consultation. I was instantly impressed not only by the professionalism of our jeweller, Alex, but his willingness to educate and explain everything in detail to me, (me knowing nothing about diamonds).

We picked out a diamond and started to design a ring from there. Having had previous discussions with my partner about “the ring”, I thought I had a good idea of what she’d like. Once we decided on a design I thought it would be best to get a rendering done first before going ahead. Once the rendering was complete, I went through photos of potential rings with my partner one night and threw the rendering we had done into the mix without her knowing. “What do you think of this one?” “Nope.” ”Dammit!” Back to the drawing board!

When I broke the news to Alex he mentioned that they do a proposal ring offer and this sounded like a perfect solution. I went back in and picked out a proposal ring to finally propose. We went on holiday for Sally’s birthday and I proposed to her while we were in the waterfalls at Jourama falls. There was no hesitation to the yes and she was amazed by ring. “When did you do this?” I believe is what she asked. When I explained it wasn’t the “real ring” and that the idea is that we would go in and she could design whatever ring she wanted, she was ecstatic! As it had been a month or so since I had originally gone in, Alex and myself we quite surprised that the diamond we had originally picked was still available and we managed to design a gorgeous ring. Cannot thank Alex and the team at Larsen enough for making this element of our engagement special.