William and Patricia

I knew I was going to propose to Patricia, but never really found the right opportunity. Finally, the chance arose when Patricia made plans to go to London to see Hamlet, starring British superstar, Benedict Cumberbatch. At the time, I told her I didn’t have the leave to accompany her, and said she should go on her own. In reality, I knew this represented the best opportunity I would have to make a grand proposal, so I began scheming and plotting with her friends, and soon-to-be bridesmaids, to put it into motion.

This included getting in touch with one of her friends in London, with whom I knew she would meet up. After some consultation with this friend, I ultimately decided to surprise her with a proposal in Trafalgar Square, where Patricia would be expecting to meet her friend for dinner, but would instead find me. I had a series of photos taken by strangers, of myself holding signs at various legs on the trip to London, which I planned to send to her while she was waiting for her friend. The last message was one asking her to turn around (where I presumably would be behind her).

Of course, as it would happen, her phone wasn’t working on the day, and so I had to abandon my elaborately planned scheme and just surprise her in the middle of the Square. She was so confused to see me there that her first words were, ”Are you here for a work conference?” But once I got on one knee, she understood and ‘eeked’ out a, ”Yes!”